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Choosing a Pilates Instructor

The movements employed in the Pilates workouts are of a lower intensity and more deliberate and focused than the rapid, jerkier movements that some other exercise routines employ. Therefore, when you decide to begin doing Pilates, it’s important to feel that your instructor understands everything about the discipline. Should you learn improper form for the exercises, or not be emphasizing the right breathing control, the value of the entire workout may be lessened greatly. To that end, we’ll be offering some advice on how to find the right Pilates instructor for you.

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about taking a pilates class is finding out which certifications the instructor holds. Anyone who’s seriously into properly teaching Pilates will probably have obtained a number of certifications, ensuring that they are properly trained in the form and teachings of mat exercises, as well as the use of pilates apparatus for students who are interested in learning the full Pilates program. Since Pilates includes over 500 separate exercises, it’s not something that you can pick up overnight. To avoid wasting your time and money, be sure that your teacher has a certification from a reputable source.
Also consider how interested the instructor is in your progress.

When you enter the workout space, does the instructor take a second to acknowledge you? It’s important for the instructor to have a stake in your improvement in the program, or you may find that they are neglecting you when it comes to proper form. When taking your first course, consider exactly what the instructor is saying when they give instruction. Some teachers will use pilates terms without any further explanation, leaving you wondering exactly what it is they want you to do. If you’re new to the program, you might want to take a class with an instructor who gives you detailed descriptions of exactly what each movement includes. A good instructor may use analogies to explain how you should move your body.

It's best if the instructor sets aside some time during every session to talk to each student individually. Getting that attention can not only help you to perform the exercises in a more efficient manner, but it may also motivate you to attend classes more often because you feel that the instructor truly cares about your progress. Your teacher should make you feel motivated to perform, and they should be clear with their instructions, professional and courteous. If you feel that you made the wrong decision in choosing a Pilates teacher, don't hesitate to see what alternatives are out there. You invest a lot in your exercise program, and spending enough time to make sure you make the right decisions will pay big dividends in the end.

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