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Some People Say Swimming is the Best Exercise

Hitting the pool is s a great way to keep cool on a hot summer's day while having fun with family or friends. But the pool is also a great place to get a workout.

Here are a few benefits (besides the fun factor) of exercise swimming:

1. Swimming keeps you cool when the temperature's rising. That means that you don't have to be as concerned about heat stroke or heat exhaustion as you would with most types of dry land exercise. If it's too hot to go running, or even biking, you can always go to the pool.

2. Exercise done in water is very low impact, so there is very little risk of injury. If you have joint problems or are pregnant, it could be one of the few ways that you can safely get your heart rate up to a beneficial level.

3. Swimming is very relaxing. The stress-busting qualities of exercise combined with the soothing water provide great psychological benefits.

How Swimming Helps Your Body

One of the key factors that makes swimming such a great exercise is the fact that it works your muscles in addition to your cardiovascular system. The water provides resistance to your movement. The motions required when swimming also work virtually every muscle in the body, so there's no need to do several different exercises.

Swimming also provides a very good cardiovascular workout. It is very much an aerobic exercise, because it requires you to control your breathing and does a wonderful job of getting your heart rate up.

You Can Stay at Home

For one reason or another, you may prefer not to go to the public pool, but you can still get a great swimming workout at home. And you don't even need a large or lap pool.

Swimming machines are one option. Often used by those training for competition, they set the water in motion, and you swim against the current, which is adjustable. You don't actually go anywhere. These aree usually rather expensive, however.

A less expensive and more accessible option is a pool tether. This simply attaches you to something outside of the pool by your foot or waist so that you do not move forward. You can find these online or at sporting goods stores.

Swimming is a great way to get a workout in the summer. It keeps you cool and helps prevent injury while giving your muscles and heart the workout they need. Even if you already work out with a different form of exercise, swimming can add variety and allow you to work different muscles. And best of all, most people think it's lots of fun, making it easier to stay motivated!

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