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EFT Works Better Than Drugs

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is probably the most popular of a group of techniques collectively referred to as Energy Psychology (EP). Energy Psychology looks to achieve a psycho-therapeutic end, but it works at an energetic level within the body, rather than with the functions of the mind.

There are EP methods which utilize Chakras to achieve their emotional release work. EFT belongs to a different group, which seeks to use the body's acupuncture system. It does this by gently tapping on acupuncture points to stimulate and "open" them, allowing an increase in the free flow of energy throughout the body. This can be very important in terms of our feelings.

The prime principle behind EFT is what is referred to as "The Discovery Statement", which states that the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption to the flow of energy in our body - thereby a disruption of energy flow within our acupuncture system.

EFT claims that, energetically speaking, our default settings are ones of wellbeing, freedom and ease. When we create resistance to the flow of energy in our body, we experience lesser degrees of wellbeing and ease.

A useful metaphor is to think of our energy system as like the plumbing in our house. Disruption within our energy system is not dissimilar to a "kink" in the garden hose. A small kink will disrupt the flow of water but not to any great degree. If we think of ourselves in this situation, we experience this minor kink as feeling less well than we would like to feel, but for the most part, we can function fully. It is just that our quality of life is less than it could be.

But if we have the equivalent of a severely knotted hose, we experience much greater resistance and stronger, more painful feelings. The amount of resistance in our system is what largely determines our subjective experience of life.

Once we release this resistance, and EFT is without doubt one of the most powerful tools available today to do so, we feel better. More often than not this effect is immediate.

A big part of EFT's claim to fame is how quickly it can work. And a large part of its speed and effectiveness is that it targets the body rather than the mind. Most would agree that we humans have no problem generating all kinds of emotional upheaval in our lives.

And you are probably also aware of how difficult it can be to try and find solutions to our problems when we are right in the middle of them, experiencing not just the problem, but also all of the negative feelings that go with it.

The beauty of EFT is that irrespective of the specific aspects and issues that may be involved in our individual problems, in EFT terms we are only ever dealing with one thing - disruption of the flow of energy in our body.

If we address this disruption and resistance rather than the symptomatic associated emotions (anger, fear, sadness etc) we free ourselves of the associated pain rather quickly and very often gain insight into the possible solution we are seeking.

Once the pain has been released, or at least eased, we are almost always capable of figuring out what we need to do to create the change that we want, in whatever areas of our life problems exist.

The major part of what leads to our apparent inability to deal with problematic areas in our life, is our inability to detach from the pain we are experiencing in relation to those problems.

When we experience strong painful feelings, we are basically in a 'fight or flight' survival situation. When this happens, our higher thought function switches off to a greater or lesser extent and we find ourself with coping resources.

This is not a mental or emotional issue at all, yet this is where most therapy is aimed. What this is is a neurological issue, as this fight or flight response is hard wired into our nervous system.

In EFT terms, it is an energetic issue, as the acupuncture system, or some specific pathway within it, becomes jammed leading to disrupted flow of energy and the resulting painful feelings.

The actual technique of EFT consists of tapping a specific sequence of acupuncture points around the face, chest and hand. These particular points are situated towards the beginning or the end of the main acupuncture channels within the body. In total EFT utilizes 13 points in what is referred to as 'The Basic Recipe'.

Points are tapped gently for about 10 repetitions, and then you move onto the next point in the sequence. At the end of the Basic Recipe you evaluate how you are feeling to determine if you need to repeat the tapping sequence.

In most cases (the literature quotes 80% but many individuals will experience a much higher percentage) there will be a dramatic reduction in the painful feelings. As unbelievable as this may sound very often you will find the pain has gone completely.

Issues that have existed for years have been known to be released in minutes. if not seconds. Phobias are a classic example of the amazing results possible with EFT.
Phobias that have been with someone all their life can be treated and cleared very quickly when the body is treated rather than the mind.

Of course, EFT does not have a hundred percent success rate. So far nothing really works all the time. Our understanding of the technique and how it works as well as sciences understanding of our bodies and minds and how they work, is far from complete.

As the creator of EFT, Gary Craig says "We are on the ground floor of a healing high-rise" Much still remains to be discovered.

However, those who use this technique in a clinical setting, and their numbers are growing daily, will attest to the most amazing results in cases where nothing else has seemed to work.

EFT is not a cure all. However, it is is an incredibly powerful, easy to learn and apply self-help tool, that with a little practice, will allow you to choose how you feel in any situation. If emotional freedom is what you seek, there is no better tool than EFT to help you attain it.

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