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6 Reasons to Drink Water

Most people realize that their best beverage option is water, but with the abundance of alternatives like coffee, soda, tea, juice, and others, it's sometimes hard to squeeze that pure water into our busy day. Below we've listed six reasons why you should make the effort.

Cost. Water's cheap. Of course, if you buy all yours in little bottles, you can wind up paying as much or more as the less healthy alternatives. But you don't have to do that. You can buy gallon or five gallon bottles at a much lower cost. You can also get many different types of filters to attach to your kitchen sink or your house's plumbing, and you can even get pitchers that will purify any water you pour into them. While filters cost money, the per-glass or per-gallon cost is miniscule compared to buying soda, juice, etc.

No sugar. Most of the others (including natural fruit juice) are high in sugar. Putting a burst of sugar into your bloodstream triggers the insulin response, which can make you sluggish and tired, and has many longer-term health implications. None of this is a concern with pure water.

Heart health. Keeping yourself fully hydrated will thin your blood, easing the load on your heart. Some may say that is an over simplification, but research does show that individuals who consume lots of water experience fewer heart problems.

Keep it clean. Adequate water intake helps to flush toxins from your system. As you can probably imagine, removing toxic substances from your body will help you feel and function at a higher level.

The skin you're in. Staying fully hydrated can help someone with dry skin problems. Makes sense, right? But did you know that puffy bloated skin can also be helped by increasing water intake? Many times, when the skin isn't getting enough moisture, it responds by holding onto what it has, resulting in that bloated look. So drink water not only for how it makes you feel, but how it makes you look.

Get up and go. Many coffee drinkers have increased their water intake and found that they can cut down or even eliminate coffee. Water helps your body work more efficiently, which can give you more energy. Coffee, as you know, contains caffeine, which is a diruetic, or water-removing substance. So drinking less coffee means that you'll retain more of the water that you do drink. The same goes for sodas and most energy drinks, which also contain caffiene.

There you have six reasons to give water a chance and cut down or eliminate some or all of the alternatives. Give it a try and see how you feel!

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